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About the Book

The author received an A.A. from Stephens College in Columbia, MO, and a B.S., R.N. from Cornell University New York Hospital School of Nursing. At Central CT State University, she completed the coursework for an M.A. in Community Psychology.


The mother of three girls, Pat was employed over the years as a nurse, a Realtor, and an employment counselor for individuals with chronic mental illnesses. When time allowed, she worked as a freelance writer contributing articles to publications such as Boston Magazine and Military Lifestyle; interviewing celebs for Spotlight Magazine; designing and writing  newsletter and website content for several nonprofits; and producing material for B2B websites. She lives between Naples, FL, and Southington, CT, with her dog, Daisy.

Ava Skinner’s idyllic life is about to unravel. A concert pianist, Ava lives with her husband Langdon in their Gulf Shore Drive mansion in Naples, FL.


And then the symptoms begin . . .


Ava returns to her childhood home, St. Joseph’s Orphanage, to search for information about her family, especially a medical history. In a dusty file, she discovers a long-lost letter from her mother, Isabella, who writes of a tragic family legacy.


After a doctor confirms Ava’s worst fears and divulges a shocking complication, she makes plans for her future. Determined to protect Langdon from the truth, she vows to take her secrets to the grave.


Ava soon finds her world collapsing around her. Overwhelmed by lies and guilt, and frantic to keep her husband in the dark,  she flees to Maracaibo, Venezuela.

What additional secrets do Ava and Langdon each uncover in Maracaibo and Naples?


As she spirals toward her fate, Ava becomes intimate with the obstacles and challenges endured by other members of her family. Yet even in the wake of her deception and extreme sacrifice, courage wins out, loves endures, and hope remains.


The novel set in two different cultures—Naples, Florida, and Maracaibo, Venezuela—provides a startling contrast between the rich and the poor and touches on the plight of migrant farm workers.


Most important, Twisting Legacy puts a face on a little-known, hereditary disease, including finding the causative gene, managing the illness, and counseling individuals at risk. Despite progress, there is still no cure.



Review: "Compulsively readable and deeply heartfelt, Twisting Legacy casts a poignant, illuminating light on the scourge of one particular genetic disease and the courageous people who are forced—every day—to deal with its inhumane ravages." —David M. Carew, author, editor


Author of Twisting Legacy
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